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Ice Cream Social

Taking a break to enjoy some Cornell Dairy Bar ice cream and Mooncakes in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Recruiting New Students

Interested in the material and mechanical properties of skeletal tissues? Possible research topics include

  1. Characterizing cancelous bone compositional properties in multiple myeloma bone disease
  2. Developing a noninvasive diagnostic of connective tissue degeneration for assessment of fracture risk and surgical failures
  3. Establishing a stem cell lineage basis for material properties of bone

Contact Eve Donnelly at for more information

Straight and Snyder authors on ASBMR abstract

Beth Straight and Leah Snyder co-authors on the abstract entitled “Peripheral Cortical Bone Density Predicts Vertebral Bone Mineral Properties in Spine Fusion Surgery Patients,” which will be presented as a poster during the 10/3/21 ASBMR Annual Meeting.

Sacher to join HSS MRI Lab as Research Engineer

Sara Sacher has recently accepted a position to work in the MRI Lab in the Department of Radiology at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC upon her graduation (MSE MS 2021) this Spring. Congrats Sara!

Taylor featured in MSE newsletter

Erik Taylor’s work was highlighted in the Cornell Materials Science & Engineering 2020 newsletter. Check out the article here!

Sacher to present at upcoming ORS annual meeting, February 12-16

Sara Sacher is presenting a podium presentation entitled “Trabecular Morphology And Microdamage Accumulation In Cancellous Bone From Men With Type II Diabetes Mellitus” at the virtual 2021 ORS annual meeting on Monday, February 15th.

Taylor passes B exam

Erik Taylor successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Validation and implementation of vibrational spectroscopic measures of bone quality”. Congrats Erik!!

Social(lly distant) walk through campus nature trails

Enjoying the weather before the Ithaca winter returns! L-R: Yi Xin Han, Leyi Chen, Sara Sacher, Eve Donnelly

Walsh and Snyder win ELI Undergraduate Research Awards

Julia Walsh and Leah Snyder were awarded Engineering Learning Initiatives Research Awards for their proposals, “Localized effects of long-term bisphosphonate treatment in postmenopausal women” and “Understanding how existing treatments and next-generation treatments of osteoporosis affect bone composition”, respectively. Congrats!

Ganesan and Patel win second ELI Undergraduate Research Awards

Sandhya Ganesan and Himani Patel were awarded their second Engineering Learning Initiatives Research Awards for their proposals, “Characterization of Bone Compositional Properties in a Mouse Model of Brittle Bone Disease” and “Effects of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Bone Tissue Composition in Men”, respectively. Congrats!